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Fighting abuses at the world's largest corporations isn't easy, but thanks to your support Consumer Watchdog made big some changes in 2014.

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In 2014, our team saved California consumers more than $120 million on their auto and home insurance by stopping insurance company rate hikes we proved were unreasonable.

Our attorneys and advocates went to court and stopped Boeing from illegally dumping nuclear waste. And we cleaned house at the corrupt state agency responsible for toxic regulation.

Our team forced the nation's largest health insurance companies to stop discriminating against HIV patients and to widen their "skinny" networks of doctors.

And our litigation made sure that all autistic children in the state get access to the same cutting edge therapy, which insurance companies had tried to deny.

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These are some of Consumer Watchdog's 2015 resolutions that your end-of-the-year support will help us realize.

Keep Oil Companies Honest As They Try To Block Cap and Trade: California's landmark "cap and trade" program starts tomorrow to protect the climate. We will police oil company price vacillations meant to undermine the law and hold the companies accountable for market manipulation.

Enforce "Do Not Track" Online: This year major online companies were prevented from tracking students' information in online apps. We will work to extend the "Do Not Track" right to everyone. Major browsers now default to "Do Not Track" and we will force advertisers to obey consumers' choice to not have our every movement watched online.

Continue our Fight Against Health Insurance Price Gouging: As health insurance companies continue their price gouging in 2015, we will continue our push for health insurance rate regulation protections to contain them. The companies know that if self-policing proves too expensive for consumers, Consumer Watchdog's proposal for rate regulation will fall on fertile ground.

Hold the Medical Industry Accountable For Prescription Drug Abuse and Medical Negligence: Consumer Watchdog will work to create more accountability of medical providers for the prescriptions they prescribe and for abuse by the profession itself. We will continue to expose local and statewide abuses. And we will continue our fight to end the 40 year old limits on access to justice for victims.

Social justice is not easy. Consumer Watchdog is prepared to continue these fights for consumers for as long as it takes.

The more the public's eyes open, the closer to meaningful change we will be.

Your tax-deductible contributions make Consumer Watchdog's campaigns possible. Please contribute whatever you can before year's end.

Thanks for all your support, and all you do.

Happy New Year!
Jamie Court

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