Justin Kloczko

Justin Kloczko follows tech and privacy for Consumer Watchdog. He’s a recovering daily newspaper reporter whose work has also appeared in Vice, Daily Beast and KCRW.

Are California’s New Draft AI Regs Good?

More and more, AI is making decisions for us without us evening knowing it. On Monday, the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) released draft language for...

Former City Lawyer: FBI Determined Feuer Lied About Knowledge of Extortion Payment

This is a cross-post with the Debaser, a newsletter about LA lawyers and politics. Los Angeles—After receiving word from the judge that he’s going to...

The California Public Utilities Commission Oks Driverless Expansion Despite Incomplete Safety Record

A former Cruise lawyer and current CPUC commissioner voted in favor of his former employer

The California Public Utilities Commission Must Reject Robotaxi Expansion

The city of San Francisco said there have been over 240 such reported incidents since the beginning of the year. But you wouldn’t know it if you asked regulators or the robotaxi companies themselves. They don't have to report it.

Consumer Watchdog Applauds CA Privacy Agency’s Investigation into Car Data

California’s privacy enforcement agency is investigating how car companies that collect personal data—a ballooning multibillion dollar industry—are complying with data privacy laws.

The White House AI Guidelines: PR Over Policy

While companies such as Open AI, Meta and Google have agreed to promote “safety, security and transparency” regarding their AI technology with the Biden Administration, the agreement rings more like a virtue signaling public relations move than meaningful action.

What Will CA Data Privacy Enforcement Look Like if it’s Headed by a Former Amazon Lawyer?

The new head of enforcement for the California Privacy Protection Agency was mostly recently a top lawyer for Amazon who defended the monopoly against...

CA Privacy Agency Rolls Out Preliminary AI Regs

We’re getting our first peek at how the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) is approaching its next round of rulemaking surrounding what control we have over our personal information collected by businesses.


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