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CA Dept. of Insurance Failed to Search For Records Linked To Government Corruption Scandal

The non-profit Consumer Watchdog has filed an appeal in its California Public Records Act (“PRA”) lawsuit against Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara and the California Department of Insurance.

Doctors Save $2.8 Million After Challenge to Malpractice Insurance Rate Hike

Los Angeles, CA – In response to Consumer Watchdog’s challenge to Medical Insurance Exchange of California’s (“MIEC”) proposed rate increase on doctors’ and medical providers’ medical malpractice insurance, MIEC has agreed to cut the average overall rates it...

Public Records Act Decision Could Mean More Government Secrecy, Undermine Transparency

Los Angeles, CA -- A recent decision in a public records case brought by Consumer Watchdog against the California Department of Insurance could encourage more government secrecy and undermine transparency, according to the non-profit consumer group. Consumer Watchdog’s lawsuit...

California Governor Gavin Newsom Signs Good Government Bill To Close State Agency Lobbying Loophole

Los Angeles, CA -- Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 1783 to close a loophole in state law that allowed former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez to influence decision-making at the Department of Insurance without registering as a lobbyist.   AB 1783...

Consumer Watchdog Calls on Insurance Commissioner Lara to Reject Allstate’s Job-Based Insurance Rate Discrimination, Adopt Regulations to Stop the Practice Industrywide

Los Angeles, CA – Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara should reject Allstate’s proposed $165 million auto insurance rate hike and its two-tiered job- and education-based discriminatory rating system, wrote Consumer Watchdog in a letter sent to the Commissioner today....

Californians Need Protection Against Insurance Industry’s Use of Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Consumer Watchdog Will Tell Insurance Commissioner

Los Angeles, CA -- The insurance industry’s use of algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to set premiums and determine who can get insurance coverage is a serious threat to Californians and a violation of California law, Consumer Watchdog will...

Insurance Commissioner Lara’s Regulation Preserves Loophole Letting Insurers Ignore Wildfire Mitigation for Denial or Non-Renewal of Homeowners Policies

Los Angeles, CA – California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara today submitted a long-awaited regulation for final approval that will require insurance companies to provide premium discounts to homeowners who reduce their risk of loss from wildfires. But under the regulations as submitted,...

Final Briefs Filed in Lawsuit Against Insurance Commissioner Lara & Department of Insurance Over Pay-to-Play Records

Los Angeles, CA -- Consumer Watchdog filed its final briefs in a California Public Records Act (“CPRA”) lawsuit against Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara and the Department of Insurance. The CPRA suit alleges that Lara and the Department failed...

Consumer Watchdog Challenges $268 Million GEICO Auto Insurance Rate Hike & Job- and Education-Based Insurance Rate Discrimination

Los Angeles, CA – Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara should reject GEICO’s proposed $268 million auto insurance rate hike and its job- and education-based discriminatory rating system, wrote Consumer Watchdog in a petition filed with the California Department of...

CSAA Took Advantage of Pandemic, Overcharged Policyholders by at Least $150 Million for Auto Insurance, Policyholder Lawsuit Says

Los Angeles -- CSAA – the northern California Auto Club affiliate – overcharged its customers by at least $150 million for auto insurance during the pandemic, and they’re going to court to get their money back. A lawsuit filed...

Insurance Videos

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KSBY, CA; Estimated $5.5 Billion Was Overcharged To Californians Across Top 15 Insurance Providers
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KABC-LA (ABC) - Los Angeles, CA; Insurance Companies Owe Consumers Billions
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GEICO Charges Cashier $700/yr more than CEO for Car Insurance
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KNBC - Los Angeles, CA; Insurance Companies Need to Consider Mitigation When Selling Insurance
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KOVR CBS TV-13 Sacramento, CA: Insurance Companies Still Owe CA $3 Billion+ in Lockdown Overcharges
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KNBC TV-4 Los Angeles, CA: CA Homeowners Struggle To Get Fire Insurance
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KGO ABC TV-7 San Francisco: CA Wildfire Insurance Loophole Impacting Bay Area Dropped Policyholders
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KTTV FOX TV-11 LA, CA: Consumer Group Says Insurance Cos Illegally Denying Coverage After Wildfires
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KCBS TV-2 Los Angeles, CA: Castaic Condo Owners See Nearly 900% Spike In Fire insurance Premiums
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KGO ABC TV-7 San Francisco, CA: FAIR Plan insurance Criticized for Expense, Lack of Coverage
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Insurance Commissioner Lara's Flip-Flop On Surveillance In Your Car
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KTTV FOX TV-11 LA: Consumer Watchdog Argues Premiums Must be Refunded to Those Impacted by COVID-19
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ABC 7 Eyewitness News: Consumer Watchdog on how Shortfalls of CARES Act May Not Cover COVID-19 Tests
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KNBC Los Angeles: Consumer Watchdog Urges Car Insurance Industry to Step Up Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic
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KNBC: Dept of Insurance Confirms Ongoing Insurance Discrimination Based on Education and Profession
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SPECNEWS1: Insurance Commissioner Lara Took Money From Insurance Industry
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SPECNEWS1: Insurance Commissioner Lara Apologizes For Taking Contributions From Insurance Industry
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CBS KMTV: Higher Insurance Rates Will Affect Vape Users
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KCBS: Californians in High Fire Risk Areas Facing Increased Rates and Non-Renewals
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SPECNEWS1: Homeowners Facing High or Non-Renewed Insurance Premiums in High Risk Wildfire Areas
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KXTV ABC: Watchdog Says Insurance Commissioner Not Doing Everything In His Power To Help Homeowners
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KGO: CA Supreme Court Upholds $27 Million Fine Against Mercury Insurance
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KTTV Good Day LA: Carmen Balber Explains The Necessity Of Different Forms Of Insurance
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The Legend of Prop 103!
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KCBS TV-2 Los Angeles: Life Insurance Policyholders Are Owed Billions
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ABC News San Fransisco - Is there a life insurance bubble that is about to go bust?
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KABC TV-7 Los Angeles, CA: Consumer Watchdog Sues Anthem For Misrepresenting Coverage
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KGO ABC TV-7 San Francisco, CA: Anthem Sued By Consumer Group
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KTLA TV-5 Los Angeles, CA: Class Action Suit Against Anthem Filed By Consumer Watchdog
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KNSD NBC TV-7 San Diego, CA: Judge To Rule On State Farm Insurance Refunds
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Exposed: Trump's Health Plan
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KCBS TV-2 Los Angeles, CA: Consumer Watchdog Uncovers Fraudulent Junk Insurance Companies
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Anthem's Bait & Switch

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