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CNBC – Jamie Court Speaks About The Bill That Would Penalize Oil Refineries For Price Gouging

The bill would give Californians the ability to set a penalty level in which the oil refineries would pay a penalty for making too much off their per-gallon profits, the gross refining margin.

The Daily Kos – CA Senate passes gasoline price gouging penalty bill as neighborhood oil drilling permits skyrocket

By Dan Bacher, THE DAILY KOS The California Senate today passed Governor Gavin Newsom’s special session bill, SBx1 2, to hold Big Oil accountable for price gouging at the gas pumps by a vote of 30 to 8.     Although the bill...

Office of Governor Gavin Newsom – What They’re Saying: Governor Newsom’s Proposal to Hold Big Oil Accountable

By The Office of Governor Gavin Newsom “Profits from California were 30% higher than anywhere else in the world”“We in California are systematically being gouged”“It’s a data-driven approach that couldn’t be wiser” SACRAMENTO – As Governor Gavin Newsom’s special session proposal...

KXTV-SAC (ABC) – Sacramento, CA; Governor Gavin Newsom Announced A New Deal With Lawmakers To Take On Big Oil

President of Consumer Watchdog, Jamie Court, speaks about Governor Gavin Newsom's deal with the legislature to enact a price gouging penalty on big oil companies.

The Sacramento Bee – A gas price watchdog + A ‘journalism usage fee’ + Sacramento seniors to march on Capitol

By Andrew Sheeler, THE SACRAMENTO BEE Good morning and welcome to the A.M. Alert! NEWSOM, DEMOCRATIC LEGISLATIVE LEADERS UNVEIL PLAN TO CREATE GAS PRICE WATCHDOG The California Energy Commission would be empowered to levy price-gouging penalties on oil and gas companies...

The San Francisco Chronicle – Newsom, Democratic lawmakers reach deal on plan to combat California’s high gas prices

By Dustin Gardner, THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE Gov. Gavin Newsom and Democratic leaders in the Legislature announced Monday that they have brokered a deal on his proposal to fight California’s high gas prices by taking oil companies to task...

The Daily Kos – Gov and Legislature Strike Deal on Price Gouging Penalty as CA Oil Drilling Permits Surge

By Dan Bacher, THE DAILY KOS Los Angeles, CA -  Consumer Watchdog and the Governor’s Office just announced that Governor Newsom and California legislature leaders have reached a deal to move forward a new oil refiner accountability law, including a price gouging...

The Daily Kos – Climate activists protest approval of hundreds of neighborhood oil drilling permits in California

By Dan Bacher, THE DAILY KOS SACRAMENTO, CA— As regulatory capture by Big Oil and Big Gas becomes deeper and deeper in the supposedly “green” state of California, climate activists with the Last Chance Alliance announced they will hold a protest today outside the California Natural...

The Mercury News – Gas prices: Newsom scraps profits cap on oil industry ‘price gouging,’ proposes new watchdog body

By Eliyahu Kamisher, THE MERCURY NEWS Months after Gov. Gavin Newsom unveiled a plan to punish oil companies for reaping large profits during a California gas price surge, his office has scrapped the legislation and is instead looking to...

KCBS-AM (Radio) – San Francisco, CA; Governor Newsom Is Pivoting On His Plan To Penalize Oil Companies That Overcharge

By Staff Reporters, KCBS – San Francisco, CA Click below to listen to the audio of this radio broadcast segment.

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