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KPBS Television – San Diego, CA: Insurance Companies are Using Scare Tactics

Harvey Rosenfield says insurance companies are using climate change as an excuse to create an artificial crisis in the marketplace.

Insurance Business – State Farm, Allstate Accused of Extortion Following California Pullback

By Mike Pangilinan, INSURANCE BUSINESS A consumer advocacy group in California has accused Allstateand State Farm of engaging in extortion tactics after both companies recently halted the issuance of new home insurance policies in the state.   Both Allstate and State Farm...

BestWire – California Regulator Cannot Stop Homeowners Freeze, but Some Top Carriers Remain

By Timothy Darragh, BESTWIRE California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara says he cannot stop homeowners insurers such as State Farm from putting a freeze on new homeowners business in the state, but he remains confident it will return. Lara said the...

The Daily Herald – Comment: Insurance providers lead climate change’s ‘managed retreat’

State Farm won’t write new fire insurance policies in California. Forcing it to do so ignores the inevitable. By Mark Gongloff, THE DAILY HERALD

Enterprise Record – State Farm Fires a Warning Shot at Homeowners

By Thomas Elias, ENTERPRISE RECORD But Lara is constrained by Prop. 103, which limits what companies can charge. The measure has saved consumers well over $100 billion in premiums over its 35 years. Insurance companies hate this, even with State...

KFMB-SD (CBS) – San Diego, CA: Hundreds Wrongly Told They May Have Cancer

Carmen Balber, executive director with consumer watchdog, understands that computer glitches happen but worries how information so sensitive can be sent without first being approved by a human.

KABC-LA (ABC) – Los Angeles, CA: Allstate and State Farms Profits Are Four Times the National Average

Harvey Rosenfield says California insurance commissioner Ricardo Lara needs to step in and tell Allstate and State Farm that if they want to continue selling any other kind of insurance in the state they need to sell homeowner policies as well.

Associated Press – California insurance market rattled by withdrawal of major companies

By Michael R. Blood, ASSOCIATED PRESS LOS ANGELES (AP) — Two insurance industry giants have pulled back from California's home insurance marketplace, saying that increasing wildfire risk and soaring construction costs have prompted them to stop writing new policies...

The Los Angeles Times – It’s not just State Farm. Allstate no longer sells new home insurance policies in California

By Eliyahu Kamisher, Max Reyes, & Biz Carson, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES Californians looking to buy a house face some of the country's most expensive real estate prices and wildfires that threaten scores of housing tracts. Now there's another...

KERO-BFL (ABC) – Bakersfield, CA: Michele Ramos Speaks About Loss and Liability in the Medical Field

Patient advocate Michele Monserrat-Ramos speaks about her experience and how she's helping families in Bakersfield to educate them on the resources they can utilize to learn more about their health care providers.

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