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KFMB-SD (CBS) – San Diego, CA: Hundreds Wrongly Told They May Have Cancer

Carmen Balber, executive director with consumer watchdog, understands that computer glitches happen but worries how information so sensitive can be sent without first being approved by a human.

KERO-BFL (ABC) – Bakersfield, CA: Michele Ramos Speaks About Loss and Liability in the Medical Field

Patient advocate Michele Monserrat-Ramos speaks about her experience and how she's helping families in Bakersfield to educate them on the resources they can utilize to learn more about their health care providers.

KERO-BFL (ABC) – Bakersfield, CA: “DO NO HARM: Loss and Liability in the Medical Field”

23abc special edition introduces you to 4 people and their families kern county who say the treatment they received at local healthcare facilities lead to other health issues and in some cases, even death. They also speak with 2 doctors who say while the medical industry is difficult to navigate, there are ongoing conversations to increase patient safety.

KGET – Consumer Watchdog Advocates Note The Importance of Making Change Within The Healthcare System for Latina Mothers

Tracy Dominguez, Xavier De Leon, Monique Himes, and Michele Monserrat Ramos all speak upon the importance of Latina mothers awareness month.

KERO-BFL (ABC) – Bakersfield, CA; Consumer Watchdog Shows Support in Honor of the Latina Maternal Health Fair

The fair aims to educate expecting mothers and families on how to speak up for themselves in a medical environment. Michele Montserrat Ramos with consumer watchdog says the fair came to fruition when the department of public health released facts about maternal mortality rates and knew something had to be done.

KABC-LA (ABC) – Los Angeles, CA; Pathways Medical in Toluca Lake Owner Falsely Claims to be A Licensed Doctor

Consumer Watchdog's Carmen Balber says if you've been treated by someone you suspect was not a doctor, you should absolutely report that fact to the Medical Board of California which helps regulates doctors.

Spectrum News 1 – Los Angeles, CA; Consumer Watchdog Argues That Senate Bill 815’s Proposed Changes Aren’t Enough To Protect Patients

Consumer Watchdog argues the updated law should give patients the right to know if their doctor has been accused of harming other patients.

WABI (CBS) – Bangor, ME; Consumer Watchdog’s Jerry Flanagan Speaks Upon Medical Debt Reform

Litigation Director, Jerry Flanagan, talks about how critical the Medical Debt reform effects are for consumers.

KCAL – Los Angeles, CA; On Your Side: Why Insurance Companies Benefit From ‘Copay Accumulators’ in California

Jerry Flanagan explains how insurance companies are benefiting from ripping off their customers by exploiting their illnesses.

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