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FBI Believed Former City Attorney Mike Feuer Aided and Abetted Extortion, Lied to Investigators & Obstructed Justice

Los Angeles, CA - The FBI believed former City Attorney Mike Feuer lied to government investigators when he denied knowledge of a hush money...

Federal Prosecutors Ordered to Unseal FBI Warrants Related to L.A. City Attorney’s Office and DWP Corruption

Names of Public Officials Including Former City Attorney Mike Feuer Will Not Be Redacted, Nor Will Statements by an FBI Agent that Feuer Lied...

Government Prosecutors Seek to Protect the “Privacy” of City Officials Entangled in Web of Corruption Related to DWP Billing Scandal

Los Angeles, CA – While broadly supporting public disclosure, the United States Attorneys’ Office is seeking to redact the names of former City Attorney...

Consumer Watchdog and the Los Angeles Times Petition Federal Court to Release FBI Warrants Related to LA City Attorney and LA DWP Corruption 

 Los Angeles, CA -- Yesterday afternoon the non-profit Consumer Watchdog and the Los Angeles Times petitioned a federal court in Los Angeles to release 33 FBI...

Mike Mattoch: Remembering A Hero  (1957 – 2023)

Our long-time friend and colleague Mike Mattoch died suddenly at his desk last week.  He was 66 years old.Mike was a hero in every sense...

Former City Lawyer: FBI Determined Feuer Lied About Knowledge of Extortion Payment

This is a cross-post with the Debaser, a newsletter about LA lawyers and politics. Los Angeles—After receiving word from the judge that he’s going to...

Ballot Initiative Would Overhaul Open Records Laws to Provide Greater Government Transparency & Accountability

70% of CA Voters Approve of the Measure According to a Recent Poll Los Angeles, CA - Embracing the principle that “sunshine is the best...

Will the State Bar Hold Mike Feuer and Powerful Attorneys Accountable in the LADWP Billing Scandal?

The California State Bar's investigation into LADWP misconduct has turned into one of the Bar's biggest cases yet.

Consumer Advocate Harry Snyder, Rest In Peace

The consumer advocate, public interest lawyer and Consumer Watchdog Hall of Famer Harry Snyder passed away Friday.   Harry was a unique, gentle, kind and generous...

Amazing Year

Will you make an end-of-the-year tax deductible contribution to celebrate our efforts and help us prepare for the fight ahead? In my three decades as a consumer...

What’s on Your 2022 California Ballot

Thanks to the historic agreement to update California's medical malpractice cap in May, the measure that was Consumer Watchdog's election priority this year -...

California Governor Gavin Newsom Signs Good Government Bill To Close State Agency Lobbying Loophole

Los Angeles, CA -- Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 1783 to close a loophole in state law that allowed former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez...

California Senate Committee Kills Good Government Bill To Bar Destruction of Public Records Using Secretive “Suspense File” 

Sacramento, CA – Senator Anthony Portantino’s Senate Appropriations Committee killed good government legislation today using one of the Legislature’s most undemocratic tactics, the “suspense file,”...

California Senate Committees Pass Good Government Bills To Close Agency Lobbying Loophole and Bar Destruction of Records

Los Angeles, CA - Today, the California State Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill 11-0 that would require agencies to retain all public records for...

California Assembly Passes Good Government Bills To Close Agency Lobbying Loophole and Bar Destruction of Records

Los Angeles, CA - Today, the California State Assembly passed a bill 65-0 that would close a loophole in state law that allowed Former Assembly...

Feuer Must Resign Following Report Placing Him at DWP Extortion Meeting

Los Angeles, CA -- City Attorney Mike Feuer should resign following a bombshell KNBC-TV report revealing Feuer was calendared for a meeting in which his office okayed...

Cartoons on Secretary of State Website Make Mockery of Government Transparency, Encourage Destruction of Records

Assembly Committee Approves Bill to Preserve Public Records Sacramento, CA -- The California Secretary of State (“SOS”) Shirley Weber will remove cartoons and a records...

Department of Insurance Changes Course on Email Deletion Policy that Threatened Records of Pay-to-Play Scandal Days After Consumer Watchdog Threatened to Go to Court

The Department of Insurance pulled back a policy to delete agency email databases days after Consumer Watchdog warned it would go to court to...

Mike Feuer Goes Trumpian

The US Justice Department’s latest plea bargain announcement in the LA DWP billing scandal is very bad news for LA City Attorney Mike Feuer,...

Accountability Videos

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Spectrum News 1 (San Fernando Valley) - Los Angeles, CA: Increase In Parking Tickets At SoCal Parks
Video thumbnail
KGO-SF (ABC) - San Francisco, CA: Skin Care Shop Complaints
Video thumbnail
KNBC-LA (NBC) - Los Angeles, CA: FBI Believed Feuer Was Involved In DWP Cover-Up Scheme
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KTVU-SF (FOX) - San Francisco, CA: Airline Refund Policy Change
Video thumbnail
CNN - U.S. Cable: 73 Million Former AT&T Customer Accounts Leaked To The Dark Web
Video thumbnail
KNBC-LA (NBC) - Los Angeles, CA: New Developments in LADWP Overbilling Scandal
Video thumbnail
KTLA-LA (CW) - Los Angeles, CA: Request To Unseal Records In DWP/City Attorney Scandal
Video thumbnail
KCRA-SAC (NBC) - Sacramento, CA: Struggle To Get State Records
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KCRA(NBC) - Sacramento, CA: A Ballot Initiative That Would Enhance Transparency of Elected Leaders
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KCBS- Los Angeles, CA: CBS Investigation Found 40% of Lights are Out on LA Freeways From Vandalism
Video thumbnail
KGO (ABC) - San Francisco, CA; The Tipping point, How The Hopper App is Deceptively Collecting Tips
Video thumbnail
KNBC-LA (NBC) - Los Angeles, CA; Holding Utility Companies Accountable For Power Outages
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KNXV-PHX (ABC) - Phoenix, AZ; Banks Need To Be More Proactive In Warning Customers About Fraud
Video thumbnail
Insurance Commissioner Lara's Flip-Flop On Surveillance In Your Car
Video thumbnail
KNBC - DWP Scandal what did Mike Feuer know?
Video thumbnail
Insurance Commissioner Lara's Flip-Flop On Surveillance In Your Car
Video thumbnail
KTXL FOX TV-40 Sacramento, CA: Watchdog Groups Want State Leaders Held Responsible On EDD Fraud
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KPFK Rising Up With Sonali: Consumer Watchdog Highlights “Trump’s Raw Deal”
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The Deal Behind Trump's Raw Deal
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Trump Raw Deal Cards: Conviction in Every Hand
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SPECNEWS1: Insurance Commissioner Lara Took Money From Insurance Industry
Video thumbnail
SPECNEWS1: Insurance Commissioner Lara Apologizes For Taking Contributions From Insurance Industry
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Press Conference on Insurance Commissioner Lara's Calendars
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SPECNEWS1: Jamie Court Questions Whether Changes At LADWP Will Make A Difference For Consumers
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Fox GDLA: Ricardo Lara Wants To Give Insurance Companies Your Driving Data
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KABC: FBI Raids LADWP Office and City Attorney's Office Over Billing Scandal Cover-Up
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KNBC: FBI Raids LA DWP Offices in Relation to Overcharging Scandal
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Press Conference for Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara's Report Card May 2019
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KFMB CW - San Diego, CA: Proposed $25 Billion Supermarket Mega-Merger

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