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KTVU-SF (FOX) – San Francisco, CA: Insurance Companies Coordinated an Effort to Stop Providing Homeowners Insurance in California

Consumer watchdog says insurance companies appear to have engaged in illegal collusion in order to pressure state officials to boost insurance premiums over the past year.

KMPH-FRES (FOX) – Fresno, CA: CA Homeowners Insurance Crisis

Lawmakers in Sacramento are pushing a last minute deal with just weeks to go. In the session, the plan would pass the cost of fire claims on to people through a surcharge.

ABC7 – Los Angeles, CA: How Can Insurance in California be Reformed?

"What's happening up in Sacramento in the waning weeks of the legislative session is a time-tested tactic by big special interests and their allies in Sacramento to get something done that will really hurt consumers," says Consumer Watchdog's Harvey Rosenfield.

KTVU-SF (FOX) – San Francisco, CA: Recording Reveals Potential Wildfire Bailout

Major insurance companies are reducing coverage in California because of wildfire risks so they're pushing for legislation that gives them protections such as compensensation and rolling back oversight rules.

KGO-SF (ABC) – San Francisco, CA: Secret Recording

Michael Gunning, an insurance lobbyist, caught talking to others on the plane about the effort to change California insurance law.

Spectrum News 1 (San Fernando Valley) – Los Angeles, CA: Controversy Over Gas Storage Facility

Jamie Court states that data shows that daily balancing which means using the gas is already in our pipeline is more beneficial.

KGET – Bakersfield, CA: California Medical Board Meets in Bakersfield to Address Maternal Mortality

Consumer Watchdog volunteers and families share their medical negligence stories for reform within the healthcare system.

KBAK (FOX58) – Bakersfield, CA: High Maternal Mortality Rate

Families who lost their loved ones ask the Medical Board for justice.

KFMB-SD (CBS) – San Diego, CA: Dental Visit Leads To Hospital Stay

Carmen Balber talks about how misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis is one of the leading causes of medical errors in this country.

KTVU-SF (FOX) – San Francisco, CA: California Insurers Want Deregulation

Harvey Rosenfield says insurers are deliberately creating an insurance shortage and panic to gain leverage over the legislature to allow insurers to use self-created computer rate pricing models automatically.

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