The Sacramento Bee – Gavin Newsom ‘Declared War’ on Big Oil. What Does It Mean for California’s Clean Energy Transition?

By Maggie Angst, THE SACRAMENTO BEE Since 1896, the sprawling Phillips 66 refinery in Rodeo has turned millions of barrels of crude oil into everything...

KNX-AM (Radio) – Los Angeles, CA; Governor Gavin Newsom Asks For A Federal Investigation Into SoCal Gas

By Staff Reporters, KNX - Los Angeles, CA February 6, 2023 Click below to listen to the audio of this radio broadcast segment.

Santa Barbara News Press – Next Steps Unclear On California Governor’s Push To Penalize Oil Companies’ Record Profits

By Seth Sandronsky, SANTA BARBARA NEWS PRESS February 3, 2023 Last December, Gov. Gavin Newsom convened a special legislative session, demanding a price-gouging penalty on major...

Anthem Sued for Illegally Stripping Out-of-Network Coverage for Californians

Paul Simon v. Blue Cross of California d/b/a Anthem Blue Cross, Los Angeles Superior Court Case Number BC639205 A California class-action lawsuit was filed on...

KGO ABC TV-7 San Francisco, CA – Is TransAmerica Running A Pyramid Scheme On Its Policyholders?

Consumer Watchdog has filed a lawsuit against TransAmerica for unreasonably raising life insurance premiums on policyholders.  Consumers who depend on these policies were sold a phony bag of goods, but in this case it was supposed to protect their lives and families. For more information on this case, go to



Press Conference – Uncovered PUC Emails Show Gov Brown’s Top Aide Used Official Office To Pump Up Stock

This press conference features Consumer Watchdog and attorney Mike Aguirre discussing the complaint against Governor Brown’s top aide, Nancy McFadden. She appears to have broken state laws by owning up to $1 million in stock in her former employer, Pacific Gas & Electric, and using her official position for personal financial benefit by intervening to inflate the company’s stock price, according to a complaint filed with the Fair Political Practices Commission by the nonprofit group Consumer Watchdog.

C-Span : Communicators Discussion on Internet Privacy

Privacy and cybersecurity lawyer Jim Halpert and John Simpson of Consumer Watchdog discussed the prospect of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) developing privacy regulations for the Internet. In late February 2015, the FCC announced it would regulate the Internet as a public utility.


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WATCH: Video Shows Google Self-Driving Car Hitting Bus

A new video shows a Google self-driving car hitting a bus in California, the first such accident where the tech company said its vehicle was at fault.

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority released the video to The Associated Press.


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Commissioner Lara Approves Over $1 Billion in Unjustified Auto Insurance Rate Hikes 

Insurance Commissioner Lara’s approval last week of a $263.7 million rate hike by California’s largest insurer, State Farm, marks the latest in a flurry of approvals of unjustified 2023 auto insurance rate hikes by the top 6 auto insurers, collectively totaling over $1 billion.

Consumer Watchdog Urges California Supreme Court to Grant Review in Land Use Approval Corruption Case

Think you’ve heard everything? Under a recent California Court...

CA Dept. of Insurance Failed to Search For Records Linked To Government Corruption Scandal

The non-profit Consumer Watchdog has filed an appeal in its California Public Records Act (“PRA”) lawsuit against Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara and the California Department of Insurance.

Doctors Save $2.8 Million After Challenge to Malpractice Insurance Rate Hike

Los Angeles, CA – In response to Consumer Watchdog’s...

City of LA Must Stop Approving Digital Ad Contracts That Violate Privacy Laws

Today Consumer Watchdog called on the city’s new leadership to address a bus shelter contract approved by the City Council that tracks people’s location via digital ads on our public sidewalks.
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