Prop 33 Debate, moderated by Conan Nolan

Jamie Court from Consumer Watchdog, and Rachel Hooper (as a paid spokesperson for the Yes side) debate the the real reasons why Prop 33 was put on the ballot.


California gas prices have increased $1.25 in two months, costing Californians hundreds of millions of dollars. Gasoline in California is over a dollar more expensive than the national average. Despite this, oil companies refused to testify at the California Senate Hearing on gas prices in March. California keeps less gasoline on hand than the rest of the nation, and oil companies make huge profits when there are refinery problems and low supply. Only oil company CEOs can explain the true reason for our higher prices, or if Californians are simply being price gouged.


How Insurance Reform Lowered Doctors’ Medical Malpractice Rates in California

This report shows how California’s landmark Proposition 103 has lowered Medical Malpractice rates for doctors across the state. It also shows how caps on...


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