One of Our Favorite Moments of 2011

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If you use the internet, you’re being tracked by the big players of the web like Google. In our quest to shine a light on this constant digital invasion of our lives, Consumer Watchdog decided to turn the tables on Google earlier this year by tracking them… old-fashioned style: with mimes!

Consumer Watchdog’s privacy advocates were joined by a troupe of mimes – all wearing Google “track” suits and our hand-crafted “wi-spy” glasses – to follow Google Chairman Eric Schmidt as he moved through the Capitol and testified to Congress about Google’s practices.

If you believe that consumer privacy and corporate accountability for these digital giants is worth fighting for, then please make a year-end tax-deductible contribution to Consumer Watchdog. With only four days left in 2011 we need your support today to reach our goal.

The mimes were a hit in Washington. But more importantly, our work in online privacy and accountability for digital giants in 2011 has been game changing.

·       We uncovered how Google uses its search engine to steer users to its products;

·       We exposed the company for making millions by giving predatory lending illegal advertising opportunities; and

·       We shined a bright light on Google’s Wi-Spy scandal.

Most importantly, our pursuit of online and mobile consumer privacy has made the call for an online and mobile Do Not Track Me standard an issue with virtually unanimous support among Americans in poll after poll.

We could not have made such an impact without you. Before 2011 comes to a close, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to Consumer Watchdog so these giants know we’ll be there to track their every move.


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