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What Works: A Review of Auto Insurance Rate Regulation in America and How Best Practices Save Billions of Dollars

Over the past quarter century, auto insurance expenditures in America have risen by more than 40 percent. Consumers in some states are paying 80...

Auto Club of SoCal Agrees to Cut Car Insurance Rates By $70 Million, After Originally Proposing No Reduction

Santa Monica, CA – California drivers insured by Auto Club of Southern California will receive an average rate decrease of 4.1% after the company agreed to lower premiums following discussions with the California Department of Insurance and Consumer Watchdog.  The nonprofit Consumer Watchdog challenged a 2012 Auto Club filing with the Department of Insurance that would not have decreased rates.  As a result o

Court Refuses Mercury’s Request To Delay Homeowners Insurance Rate Decrease Required By Insurance Commissioner

Santa Monica, CA – Mercury Casualty Company must implement an 8% rate decrease to its homeowners insurance rates as required by California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, according to a ruling issued by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Eugene L. Balonon on Tuesday, denying Mercury’s request to delay the decrease from taking effect. The decision will affect approximately 270,000 Mercury policyholders.

Anthem Blue Cross Imposes Another Unreasonable Rate Hike, This Time On 7,000 Small Businesses in California

Santa Monica, CA –Anthem Blue Cross is again imposing an unreasonable rate increase on its small business customers, and California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones announced today that the company will not budge on this excessive rate hike. study on auto insurance rates: misleading and unreliable

Yesterday, the insurance sales website Insure.comreleased a poorly constructed and remarkably misleading study on auto insurance rates.  (More surprising, perhaps, is the fact that some journalists uncritically posted the study as news.)

Proposition 103 Rate Regulation Leads to $160 Million Homeowners Insurance Rate Cut by State Farm

Los Angeles, CA – Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, State Farm and Consumer Watchdog jointly announced a $160 million rate cut for State Farm’s California homeowners insurance policyholders at a news conference today.  More than a million homeowners and approximately 250,000 renters throughout California will see their premiums lowered when their policy next renews.

Farmers Insurance to Face Trial For Deceptive Refund Practices

Last month a California Court of Appeal overturned the Superior Court ruling in Streit v. Farmers Group, Inc. and allowed California consumers to pursue a lawsuit against Farmers Insurance for cheating customers out of fair refunds if they cancel their insurance policy.  Consumer Watchdog’s attorneys authored a key “Friend of the Court” brief that laid the groundwork for the Appellate Court’s decision.


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