No Justice, No Peace

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In today’s New York Times you can read about Consumer Watchdog’s new lawsuit against insurance giant Aetna for discriminating against patients with HIV.

In today’s San Francisco Chronicle you can read about our report warning that California oil companies will likely try to artificially jack up gas prices in a “January Surprise” to undermine California’s landmark climate change law.

And today our advocates are vetting a just-released privacy policy from the medical insurance database Cal INDEX after our call for a patient boycott last week without such written details.

Every day Consumer Watchdog lets big corporations and government officials know: without justice for consumers, there will be no peace.

We simply cannot do it without you. Will you make a year-end tax-deductible contribution today to support Consumer Watchdog’s dedicated staff ?

This year we took on the medical insurance complex in a direct democracy battle royale that left health insurance rate regulation and patient safety protections as our great unfinished business going into 2015.

Our ballot initiatives could not overcome a $100 million insurance company attack in the lowest turnout election in California history. But we will not relent.

Health insurance companies will be accountable for what they charge. The medical insurance complex will be accountable for the injuries it causes.

With your tax-deductible support, we will continue our fight for justice daily against the medical insurance complex.

And in 2015, we will work to make sure voting is easier than ever, so voters can exercise their great power in our democracy.

Consumer Watchdog’s plans for 2015 also include:

•  Saving you hundreds of millions of dollars more on your insurance bills annually. This year Consumer Watchdog saved drivers and homeowners $116 million on their insurance policies by stopping unjustified rate hikes. Next year we expect even greater savings.

  Stopping more consumer ripoffs.  Our litigation team is also holding accountable health insurance companies that promise your doctor is in their network, but fail to deliver; carmakers that lie on their window stickers about their self-tested MPG claims; and a host of other corporations for their ripoffs and lies.

•  Protecting your digital and medical privacy.  This year we helped to make sure students are not tracked by educational apps and social networks like Google+ are safer for children. The European Union answered our call for the breakup of Google. New privacy and security protections in the wake of recent financial data breaches are necessary and Consumer Watchdog will fight for them.

Few public interest groups have the mix of talented advocates and courage to do what’s right.  We don’t shy away from the big fights, or from taking big risks, because we know consumers need our help.

Please make your tax-deductible contributions count. Support Consumer Watchdog’s staff today.

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