Ever heard of California’s Low Cost Auto Insurance Program?

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California drivers: have you heard of the Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program? If you have a minimum liability auto insurance policy (15/30/15) and this doesn’t sound familiar, then your insurance agent or broker may have violated the law.

California's Low Cost Auto Insurance Program gives low-income motorists with good driving records access to affordable, minimum liability auto insurance policies.

Under California law, your insurance agent must tell you about the Low Cost Auto Insurance Program when you request a “minimum” or “basic” auto insurance policy. If you ask for more information, your agent must provide you with a brochure about the program.

The failure of agents and brokers to inform customers about California’s Low Cost Auto Insurance Program has left thousands of low-income, good drivers uninsured despite qualifying for the program. Consumer Watchdog is currently investigating this problem and we need your help.

Please tell us about your experience purchasing a minimum limits auto insurance policy.

Public awareness of the program is expected to increase thanks to a new law signed by Governor Jerry Brown that will allow eligible drivers to take advantage of the Low Cost Auto Insurance Program online, through the website www.MyLowCostAuto.com as well as other approved sites managed by certified insurance agents. While the website currently provides information about the program, it does not yet allow people to sign up for a policy online.

You may qualify for special minimum limits auto insurance if you:

  • have no more than one point on your driving record;
  • are 19 years old or over, with at least three years driving experience;
  • do not have an income exceeding $27,225 (or $55,875 for a family of four); and
  • drive a car valued at less than $20,000.

If you qualify, you can buy a Low Cost Auto Insurance policy for less than $350 per year, depending on your county. For example, in Los Angeles County, the annual premium is $347 and in San Francisco, the annual premium is $287. 

Drivers who want to find out more about the policy can go to www.MyLowCostAuto.com or call 1-866-602-8861.

If you or someone you know has a minimum limits policy, please click here to tell us whether your agent or broker told you about California’s Low Cost Automobile Program.

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