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No More Out-of-Network Coverage for California Anthem Blue Cross Members

Anthem Blue Cross delivered a blow to its California individual and family plan members at the start of the new year by stripping policies of out-of-network coverage. The worst part: most of these consumers don’t even know yet that they lost their out-of-network coverage for 2017.

Anthem Sued for Misrepresentations of Coverage in Obamacare “Open Enrollment Period” That Begins Today

Santa Monica, CA – Consumer advocates announced a lawsuit today to block Anthem from terminating its individual PPO health plans in California currently scheduled for January 1, 2017.

Anthem Blue Cross is claiming to ‘renew’ coverage for 2017 when in fact it is not adequately informing consumers that the new plans provide no coverage if a physician is not participating in Anthem’s network.

Five Lumps of Coal From Health Insurers To Avoid When Buying Health Plans This Holiday Season

Santa Monica, CA – Consumer Watchdog warned consumers shopping for health plans or thinking about switching plans of five significant challenges to quality care.  Consumers are currently in the process of enrolling in new health coverage or switching plans for 2016.

New Department of Insurance Rules on Doctor and Hospital “Network Adequacy” Proposed to Prevent Surprise Medical Bills

Sacramento, CA -- New regulations proposed by the California Department of Insurance (“CDI”) will help address dramatic shortfalls in the availability of doctors and hospitals under Obamacare health plans, Consumer Watchdog will testify in Sacramento today. Yet changes to the regulations are necessary to provide public disclosure and ensure effective enforcement, said the group.

Blue Cross Sued for ‘Bait & Switch’ Misrepresentations of Doctor and Hospital Networks, and Delaying Enrollment in Affordable Care Act Plans

Santa Monica, CA - Blue Cross vastly misrepresented the size of its physician and hospital networks and other key health plan contract terms in order to increase sales during the Affordable Care Act’s ‘open enrollment period’ that ended on March 31, according to a new California class action lawsuit filed by Blue Cross customers and consumer advocates.

Proposed Settlement of the Hyundai/Kia Fuel Economy Class Action Requires Improvements

Attorneys at Consumer Watchdog and a group of law firms representing owners of Hyundai and Kia vehicles whose fuel economy (miles per gallon) was misrepresented by Hyundai and Kia say the terms of a proposed settlement between the vehicle manufacturers and two other plaintiffs’ law firms should be improved, according to a lengthy analysis prepared by the Consumer Watchdog team.

Court of Appeal to Hear DIRECTV’s Attempt to Force Consumers in Cancellation Fee Class Action into Arbitration

On March 19, 2014, the California Court of Appeal will hold a hearing on DIRECTV’s attempt to force its customers who were wrongly charged early cancellation penalties to bring claims individually before private arbitrators rather than proceed in court as a class action.

Long-term Care Insurer, Policyholder Resolve Lawsuit

A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit by Dr. William Hall against Senior Health Insurance Company of Pennsylvania (SHIP) upon terms that are mutually agreeable to both parties.  Patrick Carmody, the General Counsel for SHIP, confirms that an agreement has been reached to resolve all of Dr. Hall’s claims, with all parties compromising and working together.


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