Amazon Prime Day Deals Include Big Companies’ Products Mislabeled As Small-Business Items

By Jeff Elder, SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER July 13, 2022 Amazon says it is helping small businesses take part in its biggest sales event of the year. “This Prime Day, it’s easier than...

Consumer Watchdog Calls on Federal Trade Commission to Investigate Amazon For Unfair and Deceptive Spying Practices  

Los Angeles, CA -- Consumer Watchdog today called on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate and take action against Amazon for deceptively recording consumers and  their children with its Echo...

Can Amazon, Chase and Berkshire Fix American Health Care?

My dry cleaner assaulted me last weekend furious about a thirty percent increase in his health insurance premiums.  Yesterday, a California Anthem policyholder, Josh Libresco, emailed me about another 19% increase...

Consumer Watchdog Asks FTC to Act Against Google Home, Amazon Echo Digital Assistants for Deception, COPPA Violation

SANTA MONICA, CA – Consumer Watchdog today called on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate and take action against Google and Amazon for deceptively marketing their Home and Echo...

Consumer Watchdog Reveals Surveillance Capabilities of Digital Assistants

Consumer Watchdog warns consumers not to let Amazon and Google into your home. Patent applications reveal plans to record confidential conversations for advertising purposes.

‘Orwellian’ Digital Assistants Spy on Their Owners, Sell Data Says Consumer Watchdog

John Simpson, of Consumer Watchdog, warns consumers that Digital Assistants spy on their owners, record everything from conversations to toilet flushes in an effort to sell to advertisers.

Home Assistant Adopter Beware: Google, Amazon Digital Assistant Patents Reveal Plans for Mass Snooping

SANTA MONICA, CA – Internet giants Amazon and Google are slashing prices and offering supposed deals on their “digital assistants” this holiday season, but a study of patent applications...

Patent Applications Reveal the Surveillance of Amazon and Google Digital Assistants

Jamie Court sits down with KCBS to warn consumers: Don't trust Google and Amazon's digital assistants as they spy on people in their own homes.

Consumer Watchdog Warns Amazon Echo and Google Home Are Tools of Mass Surveillance

John Simpson, Privacy Project Director of Consumer Watchdog, warns consumers not to trust Google Home or Alexa, as they spy on users in their own homes

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