Evan Thomas King

How Google and Amazon are ‘spying’ on you

You would be forgiven for thinking that your private conversations were just that, but two leading voice assistants are listening to everything you say,...

Kira Johnson

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8RhMNOvHNY&list=PL_fFbgGe88MrISnwyZw63R7WkFuPP1NAz&index=2 39-year-old Kira Johnson was a remarkable person. She could speak five languages, had raced cars, possessed a pilot’s license and even skydived as a...

Annette Ramirez

https://vimeo.com/385600174 As she walked into the hospital on August 1, 2012, Annette Ramirez was nervous. At age 48, she was about to have the first...

Woman goes in for abdominal surgery and contracts a flesh eating disease, exacerbated by a negligent doctor

Alicia Cole was a successful actress in Los Angeles for decades.  A Los Angeles native, she had spent many years working in the entertainment industry and 19 years as a member of the Screen Actors’ Guild.  But after the discovery of uterine fibroids she worried how an invasive surgery would affect her career.

KTTV FOX TV-11, Los Angeles, CA: Consumer Watchdog Calls Amazon’s Pricing Practices Deceptive

With Amazon Prime Day in full swing, Consumer Watchdog says Amazon's deals are often not what they appear, using fake "was" prices to trick...

KABC 7, Los Angeles, CA: Net Neutrality Is Key For a Free and Open Internet, Says John Simpson

John Simpson of Consumer Watchdog tells KABC 7 News that proposed FCC rules, that would repeal Net Neutrality regulations, would allow Internet Service Providers...

After a cheerleading accident, a little girl sustains a head injury. But the extent of her brain bleed goes unnoticed by doctors leading...

Elizabeth Nicks was a 12-year-old cheerleader who was being held in the air by three fellow cheerleaders when they lost their grip and she fell to the ground.  A spotter was not in the proper position to catch her.

Consumer Watchdog Petitions Insurance Commissioner to End Auto Insurance Price Discrimination By GEICO and Progressive

SANTA MONICA, CA – Consumer Watchdog has petitioned the Department of Insurance to reject GEICO’s and Progressive’s use of occupation in setting auto insurance rates.

A man is hospitalized with a pulmonary embolism. And after three doctors failure to treat him, a cardiologists gives his heart a stress...

Stephen Schaak, an otherwise healthy 51-year-old merchant marine, husband and father of three sons, went to the emergency room exhibiting clear signs of pulmonary embolism - a blockage of the oulmonary artery or one of its branches to the lung.  The emergency room doctor suspected as much and ordered a CT scan to confirm.


Celeste  Miranda Ortiz had a dream  to  open  her own hair salon.  Growing up with her grandparents and watching them build their business, Celeste’s dream was to...

After a series of medical errors, from poor cleanliness standards to forgetting to feed her, a little girl dies of infection

Nora Bostrom had pulmonary hypertension that required her to use oxygen and take intravenous medications.  But in spite of these challenges she had a high quality of life.  She was a bright, funny, and happy three-year-old full of promise and optimism.  But after a visit to the hospital, she became a victim of several preventable medical errors that lead to her death.

Girl is misdiagnosed as having the flu, so her pneumonia goes untreated, leading to her death

She had a fever, vomiting and shortness of breath.  But when her mom took 10-year-old Daniela Zelig to the hospital, doctors took a look and sent her home.  She was one of the last patients seen by urgent care doctors that day in March 2012 in Kaiser’s Baldwin Park Medical Center.

Elderly man admitted to a hospital for back pain and immediately given a cocktail of anti-psychotic drugs leading to dementia and death

Dr. Keith P. Blaire became an intentional victim of medical malpractice when he was admitted to the hospital at the age of 86 to find the source of his back pain.  At the time, he had some short-term memory problems, but he was able to follow the news, sports, and his favorite tv shows, as well as take care of all of his physical needs.

KABC 7, Los Angeles, CA: Watch Out For Amazon’s Price Deception, Says Consumer Watchdog

Carmen Balber of Consumer Watchdog tells KABC 7 News that Amazon's discounts are often not what they seem.  Posting fake "List" or "Was" prices...

Coletta Preacely-Garcia

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-ZkUmJEKas&list=PL_fFbgGe88MrISnwyZw63R7WkFuPP1NAz&index=30 Coletta was a sixth grade teacher and a track coach. She had recently received a degree in film and media arts. Her family and...

A young musician went into open heart surgery to put in place a valve, but after being placed incorrectly he died from complications.

Anthony Fossett was a young aspiring musician who was a beloved member of his community.  An alumnus of Youth Radio's Core and Bridge program, Anthony wanted to be a music producer and hoped to eventually start his own studio.  And he was making great strides to achieve his dreams, performing at the Oakland Museum and helping to produce local rap artists until medical malpractice derailed these dreams.

Bobbie Jenke

Five years ago, Bobbie Jenke was full of life, an active Santa Rosa special education teacher who regularly went to her students' homes, and...

Adam Glover, Los Gatos

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrzsnNmQbCQ&list=PL_fFbgGe88MrISnwyZw63R7WkFuPP1NAz&index=18 Adam’s parents finally did find one very good lawyer willing to take the case, if only out of sympathy and outrage. But as they...


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