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The Prestigious CQ Researcher has recently tackled the issue of Google's dominance, asking the question: "Is the online-search giant too powerful?"  See below for information about how you can read the entire online version of this important study.

In a half-page opinion piece in the 24-page report, I square off with Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and make the case that the Internet giant most certainly is too powerful.  I argue:  "Google is so pervasive that consumers cannot escape its reach even if they do not use its services."

"Strict application of antitrust law will thwart Google's most flagrant anticompetitive practices," I conclude. "Do not Track Me regulations will loosen Google's powerful grasp on the Internet and give consumers the true control over their online activity that they deserve."

Not surprisingly Schmidt tries to paint a picture of competitors everywhere.

But the real value of the research report is not the dueling opinion pieces from a Google executive and a long-standing critic of the company's practices. Rather it's the thorough reporting effort and examination of the issues by veteran technology journalist David Hatch.  He describes the Internet giant's current situation:

"First, some good news for Google: The one-time darling of Silicon Valley still has plenty of friends in Washington.  The bad news: It's support in political circles is steadily eroding, particularly among Democrats."

Here is how CQ Researcher describes its mission:

"Covering today's most important issues and controversial subjects, CQ Researcher has been the choice of students and librarians for over 80 years. Each weekly issue—written by an experienced CQ Press reporter—is an in-depth, single topic report featuring more than 12,000 words of text and extensive bibliographies."

In-depth analysis like that comes at a price, so you normally need to subscribe get access to CQ Researcher. However, we've made arrangements with CQ so that visitors to our website can read this important report for free.

Go to this link:

Then login at the top page with the username cqr2011.  The password is google1111.  The Google report is listed on the right side of the page. Click on the link and you will be able to read the entire online version of the report.  It will be available through Nov. 30.  Good reading.


(Correction: An earlier vesion of this post gave the incorrect password. It is now correct.)

John M. Simpson
John M. Simpson
John M. Simpson is an American consumer rights advocate and former journalist. Since 2005, he has worked for Consumer Watchdog, a nonpartisan nonprofit public interest group, as the lead researcher on Inside Google, the group's effort to educate the public about Google's dominance over the internet and the need for greater online privacy.

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