Will DWP Reimburse Overcharged Customers?

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A Judge will decide today if to go ahead with a proposed settlement plan to reimburse overcharged DWP customers.  But Consumer Watchdog says it’s a bad deal.

“This settlement is a sweetheart deal for DWP and a BAD deal for consumers.”

Consumer Watchdog’s Jamie Court says the settlement puts the fox in charge of the hen house.

“In this case, the Department of Water and Power, which was caught in an over billing scandal is going to be given the right to unilaterally determine how much consumers are owed.  And what’s worse, ratepayers won’t have access to their ratepayer information in their files to determine whether that amount is accurate.”

The consumer group is calling on Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Attorney Mike Feuer to slam the brakes on the settlement and enact fixes to make it more equitable to DWP ratepayers.  Tom Perumean, KABC NEWS.

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