Who Arnold Has to Be Thankful for…And What They Want for Christmans

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A dozen new donors have joined
the Governor’s $21,200 Club in the last few weeks (and some have used
loopholes to go far beyond the $21,200 limit). Here’s who Arnold has to
thank this Thanksgiving and what’s on their Christmas list:

Ameriquest Capital (mortgage lender) $115,000: Less regulation of its sub-prime mortgage lending and looser financial privacy laws.

Wackenhut Corrections (private prison firm) $53,000: Privatization of more prisions.

Stephen & Darlene Beneto (oil distribution) $56,400: No new laws to regulate gasoline prices, supplies or the contracts between dealers and refiners.

Dawn & Ronald Arnall (Ameriquest): $42,400: Less regulation of Ameriquest’s sub-prime mortgage lending and looser financial privacy laws.

Waste Management $41,400: Less regulation of the sanitation industry – a dirty prospect, if there ever was one.

Fred Sands & Carla Herd (realty/title insurance) $52,400:
Less regulation of real estate and the title industry, which stands to
lose its exclusive ability to issue title policies in the face of
challenges from competitors with alternative products.

Central Pacific Mortgage $21,200: Fewer predatory lending laws and fewer financial privacy protections.

First American Title Insurance Co. $21,200: Turning back proposed reforms to allow non-title companies to issue competing products at lower prices.

Robert Batinovich Trust (real estate) $21,200: No new consumer protection requirements in real estate sales, access to Coastal Commission appointees.

Timothy Donahue (Nextel) $21,200: A friendly appointment at the Public Utility Commission and a weaker version of the cell phone user’s bill of rights.

AIG (workers compensation insurer) $100,000: No regulation of workers compensation insurance premiums under pending reform package.

See the rest of the $21,200 Club here.

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