We The People speak about the proposed bailout of Wall Street

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Americans are sounding off in record numbers to Congress with strong disapproval of the proposed federal bailout of Wall Street, at taxpayer expense. Here’s a sampling of some of the comments we’ve received:

Richard from Huntington Beach, CA: “This makes our family so angry. YOU cannot get a loan for a business or home that is not worth it’s appraised value, but THEY are able to pass a loan to these crooks within a week or a little more for such a huge number. This is just more of the same from this administration.”

Ed from Anchorage, AK: “Give the four million people whose homes/houses are in jeopardy of foreclosure the $700 billion (since it’s their money anyway), they can then payoff their mortgages and then pay the government back, at say, 3% interest over 30 years. Viola, this just cuts out the greedy middleman.”

Robert from Tracy, CA: “I cannot express strongly enough my total disgust with what I am seeing NOW with my government. The current Wall Street bailout is the last straw for me. My family has suffered long enough. Bailout "Main Street" with trickle up economics that start with helping the citizen taxpayers and let the fat cat pirates crash and burn and feel the pain as we do!

Karen from Escondido, CA: “Please do not come to the American people to bail out the top executives so they never have to work again, while our families, children’s families, and on and on, will be paying for this forever.”

Magladena from Killen, TX: “Please advocate for all the senior citizens that are being abused by greed and corruption…”

Kathleen from Santa Barbara, CA: “Stop using my tax dollars to bail out foolish, wealthy, greedy people. Let them suffer the consequences of their mistakes. Instead, use my money to fix schools, provide more access to health care, improve rail transportation so we don’t have to pay ransom gas prices. I and my fellow middle-class voters are not Wall Street’s personal ATM machines.”

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