Wall Street’s Jockey

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Tonight, the 21 Club — the
Manhattan restaurant and prohibition-era speakeasy adorned with
sculptures of jockeys — will be host to Arnold’s no-limits
fundraising. Dinner with the Gov runs a minimum of 11 grand per plate.
Why would New Yorkers care about a California governor and his ballot
initiatives? Could it be Wall Street smells money?

If Arnold succeeds with his ballot initiative to privatize public
pension funds, Wall Street bankers will gain control over hundreds of
billions of dollars when state-worker pensions are turned into 401(k)
plans. Fortune 500 CEOs hooking up with Schwarzenegger would receive
the bonus of getting corporate reformers at the California Public
Employee Retirement System — who have demanded the highest standards
of corporate governance — off their backs.

Arnold said in today’s New York Times: "My money is all for selling and
promoting our initiatives to make this state better. The only reason
why I get away with it is because I am real. You see, I am honest." Get
real, Arnold. Be honest. Why do New Yorkers care about making
California better? When a forty dollar filet mignon goes for $11,000
per plate, maybe they are paying for something other than your picture.

Stable owners have contributed jockeys to the 21 Club since the early
part of the last century. Tonight, nurses and firefighters will bring
their own Arnold jockey to add to the collection.

Read more at: http://ArnoldWatch.org

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