Terminating Food Warning Labels

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California’s Congressional
Delegation remarked yesterday that California’s Gov was remarkably
silent as the House of Representatives passed legislation preventing
California from warning consumers on food labels about exposure to
substances that could cause cancer, birth defects, reproductive health
problems and allergic reactions. California has the nation’s toughest
food labeling laws, but its tough-guy Governor didn’t raise a bicep to
protect them from federal pre-emption.

Could it be that a Governor who claims to put environmental safety and
the public’s health first, gives higher priority to the money he’s
getting from the agricultural industry, one of his biggest boosters?

Arnold has received almost $3 million from the agriculture industry
($2,956,659) according to the latest campaign finance reports. That is
just about the same amount that the food industry coalition pushing the
federal bill gave to all the 435 members of Congress combined during
the current cycle, according to the SF Chronicle. So much for money not
making a difference, or for truth in advertising.

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