Taking on Koch Industries in Times Sq.

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If you walk through the heart of Times Square today and look up at the 520 sq. ft. CBS superscreen on 42nd St., you’re going to be introduced to the largest oil company you’ve never heard of: Koch Industries.

Consumer Watchdog is running a 30 second commercial parodying a Coca Cola advertisement on a Times Square superscreen that challenges Koch (pronounced ‘Coke’) Industries, "the largest oil company you’ve never heard of," for its record of environmental degradation, political influence peddling, Tea Party funding and climate change denial.

Koch is the largest private company in the United States, a major polluter, and the principle funder of climate change deniers and the tea party. Recently, the Koch brothers made a $1 million contribution to California’s Prop. 23, which would roll back the most comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions caps in the nation.

We’ve put together a page documenting Koch’s egregious track record at the newly redesigned Oil Watchdog. Koch was named one of the top ten air polluters in the United States. The Koch family foundations have contributed over $48 million in grants to climate opposition groups since 1997 and funneled over $17 million to organizations that "educate," train, and organize the Tea Party.

Koch Industries is not yet a household name, but in the world of right wing, anti-environment politics, Koch has become an uber-brand. Koch stands for climate change denial, global warming, cash-register politics and propping up the Tea Party.

Every American should know about this company and what its owners stand for. They are dangerous and a threat to our democracy. Given their checkered past, it’s amazing that they’ve managed to stay under the radar for so long. With the help of our superscreen, we’re going to try to put an end to that.

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