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If you have an active fax machine, you’ve probably received annoying ads that you didn’t ask for. Like junk mail and spam e-mail, “junk faxes” are another way businesses waste our time and invade our privacy at home and the office. Some of the problems created by “junk faxing” include:

  • Blocked Communication. All fax machine owners can have important communications disrupted by junk faxes.
  • Shifted Costs, Environmental Waste. Junk fax recipients pay for wasted paper as well as the ink and electricity required to print the unwanted ads.
  • Lost Business. A fax machine cannot receive orders and other business correspondence when junk faxes tie up its phone line.
  • Lost Sleep. Some automated junk fax systems ring fax numbers day and night. The ringing can wake people who have fax machines at home.
  • Lost Time.
    Faxes are potentially urgent documents, but a junk fax is a let down and a waste of time. Often, junk faxes have no business name or address, and even if there is a number to call to be removed from the junk faxer’s “list,” it takes up a lot of time to call for every ad received.

Junk faxing to any fax machine in the U.S. is illegal under federal law, but many junk faxers continue to ignore the law.

To stop the practice of junk faxing, FTCR has filed lawsuits on behalf of the public against junk faxers to enforce the federal law. Follow the links below to learn about these suits, see the legal documents (and junk faxes) involved, and learn how to use the federal law that lets victims of this unethical marketing practice sue advertisers for at least $500 per unwanted fax.



Download successful FTCR actions and examples of junk faxes.


Check these websites for additional information.

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