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I reported last week on my efforts to receive a promised television set for signing up with Verizon’s FiOS Triple Freedom plan.  The saga continues and I’m now on first-name basis with an ever increasing number of customer service representatives.

The problem, you’ll recall, was that I was promised a 19-inch flat screen TV for signing up for the combination telephone, internet and TV service over Verizon’s fiber optic network. So far I’ve only been offered a $100 Circuit City Gift Card.

Last Tuesday after going through three other people, I reached Peggy who listened patiently to my problem, said she would file the appropriate form to resolve it and that I should hear back in two days.  That would have been last Thursday.

Having heard nothing by today, Monday, I called back Peggy’s department and was on hold for 25 minutes until I got through to Cindy.  She confirmed with Peggy that details of my situation had been forwarded via e-mail to the appropriate department.  Cindy gave me the phone number of "rewards and promotions"  and said it wouldn’t hurt if I called them.

I did. It was also the second number I’d tried last Tuesday. After 10 minutes on hold, William listened, said that my records don’t reach his operation until four to six weeks after installation and added that since this was about a television I needed to call another number anyway.

I did.  He gave the number of  the third place I’d called last Tuesday where Tina who’s in Seattle had helped by giving me Peggy’s number. After five minutes on hold today,  I got Paula. She took the information and said even though Peggy had filed the right form, she would file a second one just to make sure.  She also said I should not try claim the $100 gift card, but rather should wait on word about the television. Paula suggested I should wait two weeks before checking back if I’ve not heard from Verizon.

I will — only next time I won’t call on Monday. Cindy told me that’s about the worst day of the week to try and get through to a Verizon call center or the DMV.

While I was on hold Verizon of course continued to insist periodically that "we realize your time is important, so we’ll get back with you as quickly as possible."

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