Stand with the May Million to Stop Unjust Rate Hikes

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In just one week, ONE MILLION Californians will have their health care rates unceremoniously hiked by up to 20%.  For many of these Californians, this will represent the 2nd or 3rd hike in less than two years. With insurance companies turning record profits quarter in and quarter out, it's time to stand up and tell them that we are sick and tired of these unjust rate hikes.

Help us stand with the May Million – sign the petition to help justify health care rates then change your Facebook profile picture to share your support with your friends. Click here to get your May Million Facebook profile pic.

Just a few weeks ago, Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones found that Aetna’s proposed May 1 rate hike was ‘unreasonable’ and unsupported by the company’s own data.  But yet here we are just a week away from seeing Aetna thumb their nose at Californians by instituting that very same hike.

If you are as tired of these unjust and unscrupulous rate hikes as we are, join the campaign! Sign the petition to justify rates and then change your Facebook profile picture to tell your friends that you are standing with the May Million.

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