Props. 32 & 33: Attack of the Millionaire Zombies? (VIDEO)

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Rising from the grave, stalking the public, refusing to die –that’s the “Night of the Living Dead” scenario used in tongue-in-cheek new web ad to paint the picture of “millionaire zombies” behind Props. 32 and 33 on the November ballot.

With just two weeks until election day, the Halloween theme has been tapped in an effort to get out a message regarding millionaires behind two controversial ballot ideas that have come before the California voting public before — and died.

First, here’s that (cheesy, low budget, but zingy) “zombie” attack ad:

Prop. 32, for those who have been in the grave or under a rock for the past year, has been fronted by millionaire Charles Munger, who just dropped another $13 million — a total of $35 million altogether — into the latest so-called “paycheck protection” drive to prevent unions from using employee payroll deductions to support political action efforts.
Both he and sister Molly have poured tens of millions into efforts to sway CA voters on the current ballot; her cause is Prop. 38, a measure competing with Gov. Jerry Brown’s Prop. 30, to raise taxes for education.

Prop. 33 is the insurance measure being fronted by millionaire Mercury Insurance owner George Joseph, who has spent tens of millions to come back to the ballot yet again with his attempt to re-engineer car insurance rates.
Advocates say the measure would allow discounts to customers who’s had continuous coverage with their current carrier.
But critics argue Joseph is aiming to boost rates for millions of new customers who don’t have prior insurance, or who have had to take a break from driving (because they’re say in the military, or students.) The real goal of Joseph’s repeated attempts, they say: to unravel the landmark 1988 insurance reform measure Proposition 103, which overall lowered California auto insurance premiums.

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