Nurses air radio spot in Ohio on the problem of mandates

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The National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Assoc. is airing a radio spot in Ohio about the debate over mandatory health insurance proposals.

“Nurses see America’s healthcare crisis up close everyday,” said
Michelle Mahon, a Cleveland area RN. “Our ability to provide safe,
effective, therapeutic care is undermined and our professional
responsibility as patient advocates is compromised by insurance
companies. Ohio nurses believe that the answer to our healthcare crisis
is a Medicare for all, single payer plan, that will guarantee quality
care to everyone.”

The ad can be downloaded here.

Here’s the text of the spot:

Nurses and consumer advocates agree. The government should be
protecting us from insurance companies, not forcing us to buy their
products. Especially while insurance companies can still charge as much
as they want and still deny you care when you are sick.

So why are politicians still calling for mandates? Forcing people to
buy health insurance isn’t universal healthcare. It just means more
profits for the big insurers.

Registered nurses value every patient they touch. They witness lives
lost, care denied, families ruined by big insurance corporations. 
Nurses know there is only one real cure for our broken healthcare
system. We ask the candidates to commit to the highest standard of
quality care through Medicare for all Americans.  That’s the real
reform that puts decision-making power where it belongs – with you,
your nurses, and your doctors. 

Paid for by the National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Association.


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