No Red Carpet Entrance for Back Door Man

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Wha, yeah!, c’mon, yeah, yeah, c’mon, yeah
Yeah, c’mon, oh, yeah, ma
Yeah, I’m a back door man, I’m a back door man
The men don’t know, but the little girls understand.
–The Doors

California’s leading man was not allowed to walk the red carpet last
night into the screening of "Be Cool" at Sacramento’s Crest Theatre
because hundreds of nurses, teachers, teamsters, iron workers, seniors,
service employees, long shore workers and students blocked his way in
protest of Arnold’s cash register politics and wasteful special
election plans. The Governor’s SUV was forced to move into the alley
where the Governor snuck in the back door (See an event photo at: .)

A nurse in scrubs had a ticket to the event but was removed from her
seat, where she silently sat, then was quarantined and interrogated.
Another nurse, in street clothes, confronted Arnold inside, but he
offered a patronizing response ("I always give nurses an audience") and
she was escorted out by the Highway patrol and questioned by them. But
the California Nurses Association spoke to the Governor through a full
page NY Times advertisement today — download it at:

The "Be Cool" screening should be a reminder for the Gov that he is
wearing out his welcome with real Californians who are increasingly
learning that he is abusing his power and their trust. (Read today’s
Arianna Huffington column on this point at:
.) California has a new back door man. If Arnold wants to be allowed in
the front door again, a good step would be to call off his special
interest special election.

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