Mercury Insurance-sponsored SB 841 Will Surcharge Drivers Least Able to Afford It

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SB 841 contains an exemption for soldiers sent abroad, but will cause many others to pay an average 38% more for auto insurance, including’

1. Poor people who can’t afford to keep continuous insurance coverage.
2. The woman moving from welfare to work who now needs to drive.
3. An injured worker who can’t drive for an extended period of time
4. The immigrant who is newly licensed in the state
5. The family who chooses healthcare over auto insurance in tough times
6. The car accident victim in a coma for 18 months
7. The janitor who needs a car to get to a better-paying job
8. The high school student who has to work to help the family make ends meet — he is already paying more for being a new driver.
9. The worker who gets moved to third shift, when the busses don’t run
10. The Peace Corps volunteer returning from service abroad
11. The AmeriCorps volunteer working on a Native American reservation
12. The athlete with a broken leg who cannot drive for six months
13. The fireman severely injured while fighting a fire.
14. The man sent out of the country for work for a year
15. The hotel employee who had been taking the bus to work, but now has a car.
16. The family that has finally saved enough money to buy a car.
17. The airline employee laid off during the travel slump
18. The hate crime victim who couldn’t drive for awhile because of his injuries
19. Anyone who moves from a transit-friendly community to one without public transportation
20. The senior citizen returning to the road after recovering from hip replacement surgery
21. The student who does not drive while away at college
22. The student returning from a semester abroad
23. The driver who learned their lesson after being fined for driving uninsured.
24. The man whose spouse drove him to work until the family could afford a second car
25. The cancer patient unable to drive while completing chemotherapy
26. The union worker who has to give up insurance during a strike
27. The woman without theft coverage whose car is stolen and time passes before she can afford to replace it
28. The man who was found innocent and released from jail after being wrongly imprisoned
29. Seasonal agricultural employees who don’t drive during harvest months
30. The organ transplant patient who faces an extended hospital stay
31. The police officer who temporarily cannot drive after being shot
32. The teacher who gives up insurance for the summer months when she is a camp counselor
33. The bike messenger who moves to a car delivery job
34. The daughter who lets her car insurance lapse to pay for an elderly parent’s care.
35. The worker let go with no severance p ay after their firm went bankrupt
36. The senior forced to drive for the first time when her husband dies
37. A new mom who gave up driving during her third trimester
38. The environmentalist whose first car is an electric vehicle
39. A soldier amputee who is fitted with a prosthetic leg after years of rehab
40. The professor who takes a sabbatical to do research abroad
41. A sailor who decides to get a job on the mainland after being at sea for years
42. The astronaut on the space station for six months
43. The Californian serving in the civilian authority in Iraq.
44. A father who must stay at home to care for his ill child.
45. The missionary who goes abroad for two years.
46. Navy personnel based in California, who don’t drive while they are on the ship.
47. A low-income family who drops insurance after extreme price increase in utility bills.
48. The single mother whose ex-husband stops paying alimony.
49. A family who loses everything in an apartment fire and cannot afford auto insurance for indefinite period.
50. Poor people who simply cannot prioritize auto insurance if the price is outrageous.

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