Local Businesses Agree to Stop Sending Junk Faxes

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Consumer Group Pursues Litigation Against Other Junk Faxers

Santa Monica, CA–The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR) has succeeded in getting three of the local businesses it sued to stop sending junk faxes to any and all consumer and business fax lines. The businesses have entered into settlement agreements whereby they “shall refrain from any and all transmission of their advertising via telephone facsimile machine to any and all California individual or business facsimile telephone lines when such advertising is wholly unsolicited by the individual or business to whom it is being sent.” The businesses who have promised to stop sending junk faxes include:

The Dance Doctor (dance instruction)

Rosti (a restaurant)

TEC Networks/Communications 2000 (phone and computer networks)

“If anyone receives junk faxes from these businesses, we want to hear about it,” stated Pamela Pressley, FTCR staff attorney. “Representatives of these businesses claimed they did not realize the practice was illegal, but now that they do, they have agreed to stop and we are prepared to enforce our agreements. Other businesses should be on notice that junk faxing is not an acceptable form of advertising and consumers and businesses are fed up. From stealing toner and paper, to tying up fax lines, to waking people up in the middle of the night, junk faxers are more likely to turn potential customers off entirely than to generate business.”

All the businesses that have settled with FTCR used a blast fax service called “FAXertise” to send out the illegal, unsolicited fax ads. FAXertise has denied that it has done anything illegal and so far has refused to stop sending junk faxes on behalf of other businesses.

FTCR receives dozens of junk fax ads per day and has received numerous complaints from consumers and small business owners who want to stop junk faxing for good. To view the junk faxes of the businesses who have settled with FTCR and for more information on how to bring a lawsuit under the federal law prohibiting junk faxing, visit FTCR’s JUNK FAX Web page at


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