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An update from FTCR

FTCR Bills For Corporate Whistleblowers & Low Cost Auto Insurance Go To Governor

As it adjourned over Labor Day weekend, the California legislature placed on Governor Davis’s desk two bills sponsored by FTCR. Davis has until September 30th to sign or veto the legislation.

‘ SB 783 establishes new protections for whistleblowers who face corporate retaliation and personally punishes executives who know about corporate fraud but are silent. SB 783 also establishes a 1-800 hotline for corporate whistleblowers. Hailed by CNN’s Moneyline as the toughest corporate accountability law in the nation, the bill is opposed by the California Chamber of Commerce and major oil companies. To read more about the campaign for SB 783 and other better business measures, click here.

‘ SB 1427 expands upon a low cost auto insurance plan created in 1999 for low income motorists. It would 1) lower the current $450 premium in Los Angeles ($410 in San Francisco) to $347 per year for good drivers in Los Angeles, $314 in San Francisco; 2) make the program available to an increased number of drivers by increasing the income threshold from 150% of the poverty level ($22,530 per year for a family of three) to 250% of the poverty level ($37,550 for a family of three); 3) require insurance agents to inform customers about the availability of the program; 4) add additional medical coverage for policyholders and their passengers; 5) remove the sunset date from the program, which would otherwise cancel the program at the end of 2003.


Kaiser Agrees to Pay $1 Mil For Children’s Surgery Moments Before FTCR Press Conference To Launch Call In Campaign

The Oakland Tribune reported today, “Just minutes before a health care advocacy group was to denounce Kaiser Permanente on Wednesday for denying treatment for two boys with a rare genetic disease, Kaiser representatives announced the firm would provide $1 million toward research on a novel treatment that may save both their lives.” FTCR’s Northern California advocate Jerry Flanagan had organized the press conference for Wednesday at the doors to Kaiser‘s headquarters in Oakland. When he arrived with the family, Kaiser representatives asked the protesters inside where the HMO announced its decision to help the family. FTCR had planned to launch a statewide telephone call-in campaign to ask Kaiser to pay for the benefits. To watch the emotional video, or read about the details:

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