Insurance Deregulators Attack – Fight Back

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We’ve been sued by an insurance company billionaire.  He wants to stop the public from knowing how deceptive insurance-backed Proposition 33 really is.

Help us fight back – donate to our legal defense today!

We were just served with a lawsuit paid for by Mercury Insurance executive George Joseph, who has already spent $8 million on Prop 33. The lawsuit would prevent opponents from telling the public that Prop 33 deregulates auto insurance and raises rates on drivers with perfect driving records, and it seeks to edit the Attorney General’s impartial ballot summary.

It’s a ridiculous lawsuit, but this billionaire has plenty of money to throw around to try and get a judge to change our arguments in the official ballot pamphlet. We go to court next Thursday to defend our right to let the public know what Mercury Insurance really wants to do with Prop 33: Unfairly punish people who have stopped driving for legitimate reasons.

Our ballot pamphlet argument, which is being challenged along with the official ballot summary by the Attorney General, follows below. Will you help us defend California voters’ right to read our opposition arguments by making a contribution to the Consumer Watchdog Campaign today?

The Prop 33 battle is a repeat of Mercury Insurance’s failed attempt in 2010 (with Proposition 17) to roll back two-decade old protections against insurance redlining.   We beat the insurance company then, and with your help and we can do it again.  Let’s send this insurance billionaire a message that No means No.

In recent days, Joseph’s minions have launched not only a legal attack on Consumer Watchdog, but have gone after us in opinion pages and online. They’re doing it because they know Consumer Watchdog is what stands in the way of the insurance industry running roughshod over Californians.

Our ballot initiative to force health insurance companies to justify their rates, as auto insurance companies now have to do, should be certified for the next ballot by the end of the month.  It also includes provisions to further regulate home and auto insurance companies like Mercury Insurance, and ban redlining. We are the insurance industry’s biggest nightmare and they are pulling out all the stops to keep us from helping you.

If we cannot speak for consumers in the official ballot pamphlet, who will be able to?   Will you help us?   We will need about $10,000 to cover the legal costs of fighting this lawsuit. Please make a donation of any size to the legal defense fund today.

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