Hearing Pits Consumer Watchdog Against Petroleum Association

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(KGO) – The California Energy Commission is holding a hearing today to address the issue of why gas prices are usually higher here in California.

Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court is charging the oil companies with gouging us at the pump.

“California oil refiners have made an extra 10 billion dollars on our gasoline in the state in 2015,” Court said.

Court has done a 10-month comparison and said he sees no reason for the higher prices.

“California gasoline is 65 cents statewide more than the U.S. average,” Court said.

Vice President of the Western States Petroleum Association Tupper Hull says there is one reason.

“Accumulation of regulations that have occurred in California over the last 10 years,” Hull cited.

Court disagrees, saying oil refiners dump cheaper fuel at places like Costco

“But, at the branded stations, which are 80 percent of the market, where most people buy gas, the price is artificially high,” Court said.

Court hopes today’s hearing will bring changes in the way California’s gasoline is priced.

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