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Can you believe what it takes to get President Obama’s ear these days? You shouldn’t have to crash a White House party to be heard in Washington, so we set up

It’s not a reality TV stunt; it’s a way for you to send a direct message to Obama, give him a little piece of your mind and get your picture with the President. You can also go to our special Facebook "App" that lets you share your picture and message with your Facebook friends.

Barack And Me
is part of Consumer Watchdog’s effort to put a real consumer adviser in the White House. Almost 50 years ago, President Kennedy made sure there were advocates for average Americans in the Oval Office by setting in motion the White House’s Office of Consumer Affairs. The Office was eliminated in the 1990s and we need it back.

While there’s no longer a consumer office, there’s still an open-door policy for big industry. According to the White House visitor logs, the HMOs’ top lobbyist has visited the Obama White House eight times. The drug companies’ top gun made 11 trips. Wall Street and energy execs have also had plenty of opportunities to whisper in the ear of the President. But where’s the counter balance? The view from Main Street? Who’s whispering in the President’s ear on your behalf?

Go to (or on Facebook) to give President Obama a piece of your mind and tell him to reestablish the White House Office of Consumer Affairs.

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