Fox News In Health Insurers’ House, Inciting Violence (VIDEO)

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Jamie Court Debates FOX’s Talking Heads On The Merits Of Public Option Health Care from Consumer Watchdog on Vimeo.

Being a progressive on Fox News feels a lot like being a witch in Old Salem. You’re there to be sacrificed.

After the stoning I got over health care reform on Fox the other day, it wasn’t a stretch to understand how the violent mob at the Tampa health care town hall said they were inspired by a Fox News host.
Someone needs to bring charges against Rupert Murdoch for inciting a nation with lies on the public airwaves.
Just watch my Fox news "debate" to see how outrageous the network has become in spinning its insidious propaganda under the label of "news."

The insistent claim that the president’s plan is single payer could not be further from the truth. Even as progressives stew more each day over news the president cut a deal with the drug industry, which would preclude bulk purchasing of drugs in Medicare, Fox continues to foment its lies and incite stone throwing at reformers with the zeal of terrorists. Shame on this network.

It’s crossed a line on health care reform in August and innocent people will get hurt at town halls across America if cooler brains don’t prevail or the government doesn’t step in with a warning.

If Janet Jackson can get in trouble for exposing her breast on television, shouldn’t the FCC take Fox to task for blatant and persistent lies on public policy matters that lead to violence?

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