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Julia Morrison is climbing aboard the Rx Express in hopes of getting some medications that will help with her eyes. But she also wants to continue her activism and spread the word about the dreadful state that health care coverage is in the United States.

Julia, who lives in New York, is a long-time writer and consultant. Originally a mid-westerner, she grew up in Minneapolis, earned a B.A. and M.A. in Fine Arts form the University of Iowa, and an M.A. in information science from the University of Minnesota. She worked for Time-Warner, through whom she had health coverage.

Julia has worked for the Jewish Association of Services to the Aged, and has co-authored a book called "A Tool Kit for Advocacy," showing would-be advocates the way to get things done. She also has worked with the Alliance for Retired Americans.

"My health problem is my eyes," says Julia. Although she has received excellent eye care, some of the medications she needs are sold over-the-counter and thus are not covered by insurance. She has priced one of these medications in Canada and learned that she could get a 50 percent savings buying it north of the border.

As to the Bush Administration’s so-called "reform" through its Medicare card, Julia says, "we’re facing a disaster" (when it takes effect) in January of 2006." The discount cards don’t cover the increase in prices charged by the pharmaceutical companies, so "we’re already behind," she says. "People are going to end up paying a lot more."

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