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Don’t Let Them Kill Us Too

Don’t Let Them Kill Us Too

Congress has shut down President Obama’s financial consumer watchdog agency by refusing to confirm its director. Our Consumer Watchdog has a lot of powerful enemies too and they are trying to put us out of business.

Our determined advocacy has made us Public Enemy Number One for the insurance industry, online data pirates, the medical insurance complex, and an army of lobbyists, lawyers and PR people they employ to keep us from protecting you. These companies and their political allies have leaned on foundations not to fund us and stepped up their efforts to sully our reputation. They know we can beat them in 2012 in a big way, and they are scared.

We’re not going anywhere though, as long as you continue to stand with us. Will you help keep Consumer Watchdog winning by making an end of the year tax-deductible contribution to Consumer Watchdog now?

We are very close to our year-end goal, which will let us go into  2012 very strong. Will you help tell our enemies we are not going anywhere with a $25, $50, or even $100 contribution?

In 2012, we can force health insurance companies to publicly justify their rates before rate hikes take effect. We can win online privacy protections. We can save policyholders in California another $295 million on their home and auto insurance through rate interventions before the Department of Insurance, as we did in 2011.

Is it any wonder the most powerful companies in America and their politician allies and paid hands want to shut us down? Don’t let them. Please stand behind this Consumer Watchdog with a tax-deductible contribution.

It’s not easy fighting the insurance industry and some of the biggest corporations in America. It’s an honor, but every day we face ruthless enemies with virtually unlimited resources. 

We do a lot with a little money. We don’t depend on Congress. But we do need your help to keep paying the rent, utilities and our dedicated staff. Your tax-deductible contributions are our fuel and inspiration. We are grateful for whatever amount you can give.

Thanks for all that you do, and your continuing support.

Happy New Year!