Do you know your Google score?

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I was blown away by a conversation I had with a Silicon Valley insider
who told me the technologists at Google were keeping score not just on
my browsing habits, but their connection to my buying habits.

we each have our own "Google Score," which is determined by how we
search, browse and buy AND determines the results of the Google
searches we receive. Like most people, I believed that every Google
search was created equal. Now I’m told that searches are customized
based on the data Google collects about us and interprets. 
Google’s goal: creating the perfect link stream to match our thought

What I want to know is what happens to all that
data Google is collecting on me? Where is it? Why can’t I see it and
why can’t I delete it if I choose? That’s a question that Google is
going to have to answer. If it’s keeping score, it should at least tell
us the rules of the game and give us an opportunity to play. 

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