Did your California insurance broker or agent tell you about the Low Cost Auto Insurance Program?

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Do you have minimum limits (15/30/15) on your auto insurance policy?  Did your insurance agent or broker tell you about California’s Low Cost Auto Insurance Program, which could save you hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance?  Likely Not.  Consumer Watchdog is investigating the failure of agents and brokers to inform customers about California’s Low Cost Auto Insurance Program and we need your help.

Here's the scoop:  The Low Cost Auto Insurance Program provides minimum limits auto insurance to good drivers who meet certain requirements, for example the car’s value must be $20,000 or less and the driver needs to meet income eligibility requirements. (Click here to read the requirements.)  If you meet the requirements, you can buy a Low Cost Auto Insurance policy, which is typically much cheaper than a policy through a commercial insurance company.  For example, in Los Angeles County, the annualpremium is $358 and in San Francisco, the annual premium is $314. 

If you request a “minimum” or “basic” limits auto insurance policy your broker or agent must tell you about the Low Cost Auto Insurance Program.  If you ask for more information, they have to give you a brochure about the program. If you or someone you know has a minimum limits policy, please click here to tell us whether your agent or broker told you about California’s Low Cost Automobile Program.

Pam Pressley
Pam Pressley
Consumer Watchdog's Senior Staff Attorney, Pamela Pressley has led Consumer Watchdog's efforts to enforce Proposition 103's mandates in court to protect California insurance policyholders against discriminatory practices and premium overcharges. Pam has authored appellate briefs and presented oral argument in cases successfully upholding the insurance initiative and other California consumer protection laws, resulting in numerous precedential published opinions, including The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights v. Garamendi.

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