Dialing to Save a Life

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Schwarzenegger’s been dialing
heavily for dollars to fund his ballot agenda in tomorrow’s election,
which he claims is do or die for California. Well there’s one call that
Governor Schwarzenegger should make today that’s really do or die for a
4 year-old Californian.

Jack Zembsch has a rare form of dwarfism that leaves his bones soft. The San Francisco Chronicle’s C.W. Nevius recounted this weekend
how Jack’s bones will not grow to keep pace with his organs and he’ll
die if he does not receive specialized treatment. As Nevius reports,
the big HMO Health Net is refusing to approve that treatment.

Schwarzenegger or his staff has obviously been in contact with Health
Net lately. Schwarzenegger’s California Recovery Team committee
received $50,000 on October 28th from Health Net, making the HMO’s
total Schwarzenegger tribute $98,200. Perhaps Schwarzenegger should be
calling Health Net to talk about Jack Zembsch’s case now and to urge
the HMO to approve his care. That’s one call that really cannot wait.

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