DC Dispatch: Health insurance cancellations

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Most of us don’t sit around waiting to catch our health insurance company in the act of being evil. And 99.99% of Americans did not tune in to the congressional hearing I attended on Tuesday when that moment occurred. Health insurance CEOs told members of Congress that they would continue canceling the health insurance policies of consumers who get sick, if they make even a small and unintentional error on their application. One had the gall to say that deaths due to cancellation were regrettable, but unavoidable. (Read more about that ‘seven dwarves’ moment.)

But even though most people didn’t see that shocking display of health insurers’ callousness, a lot of them will have read about it.  The Los Angeles Times story on the practice of insurance cancellations was the 5th-most emailed story on their website today (edged out by the Lakers parade), an illustration of just how close to home these tales of health insurer malfeasance hit for Americans who just want to know they’re covered if they get sick.

We’re tired of health insurers getting away with giving consumers a raw deal.

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