Cut Out the Peking Pork

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Arnold, call it off. The
Gov’s trip to China with some of his biggest corporate donors is
exactly the type of cash register politics voters rejected Tuesday.

This trip is about helping Arnold’s donors and his own international
image, not about California, which profited not a Yen from his junket
to Japan last year. This official government trip is being funded and
attended by many of the same donors who funded the Gov’s misguided
special election. With the Terminator at their side (allegedly, Arnold
is still popular in Beijing), the Gov’s contributors will gain new
access in China — and maybe find some outsourcing opportunities. And,
of course, when Arnold talks to the Chinese about limiting piracy, he’s
got Terminator royalties at stake.

This three-city tour will also provide the deep pocket donors – like
Chevron, Pfizer and Target – with total access to the Gov.

Either Arnold does not allow any donors to join him on his China trip,
or Arnold should not go to China. Didn’t he say he was going to roll up
his sleeves and get right back to work, anyway?

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