CIRM fights allegations of ‘laundering’ PR advice

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The California Institute for Regenerative
Medicine (CIRM), a public organization created by voter referendum, is
fending off accusations from a watchdog group that it "laundered" PR
advice through its law firm in order to keep the advice secret.

The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR) recently
brought to light CIRM’s hiring of Rubenstein Associates, which took
place after a news story broke about an investigation into an
Australian scientist over inconsistencies in that scientist’s research.
CIRM’s newly named president had worked with that scientist.

The institute defended the Rubenstein hire, saying in a
statement that it was without a communications employee at the time and
wanted advice in matters that could be legal in nature.

"In addition, they were hired via our outside attorney because
the confidential investigation taking place in Australia may have had
legal ramifications for CIRM and knowledge about what was taking place
in this area was important for CIRM legal counsel to understand," a
statement from CIRM said. Rubenstein declined to comment for this

Several PR pros told PRWeek that while being subcontracted
through a law firm happens on occasion in the private sector, they had
never heard of such an instance with a taxpayer-funded organization.
Still, one source said that because of the small amount of money
involved, the urgency of the matter, and the short-term nature of the
arrangement, it did not seem to be a "big deal."

FTCR stem cell director John Simpson, who led the effort for
FTCR, disagrees. "I do not begrudge them public relations advice, but
the public should know what kind of advice they’re receiving," he said.

The institute is currently searching for an agency for
education efforts as well, and Ellen Rose, interim chief communications
officer, said the organization will decide once Don Gibbons, the
institute’s new communications head, gets settled in his new role.

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