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No you didn’t misread the
title. Arnold has talked a lot about dropping the car tax, but earlier
today, he dropped the Car Ax on DMV chief Steve Gourley. Gourley gained
a reputation for policing and cracking down on car dealerships —
including the nation’s largest, AutoNation, Inc. Guess what: the car
dealers were among the largest contributors to Arnold.

Insiders say that the firing of Gourley was handed down in a less than
friendly manner from Arnold appointee Sunne McPeak, the new Secretary
of Business, Transportation and Housing. Apparently, the DMV director,
who was known as an enforcer by the auto industry, was told to clear
out by the end of the day. Not even a thank-you from McPeak, who, like
Gourley, was herself a Davis appointee (to the power authority). So
after surviving Arnold’s Ax, it was handed to her to whack Gourley.

So when you go to buy that new car just remember that Arnold has kicked the enforcer off the beat.

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