Can Google explain this search result?

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Consumer Watchdog is launching to educate the public and opinion leaders about Google’s dangerous dominance over the Internet, computing and our online lives. As we have been putting the site through its paces while it’s still in "Beta" mode, I discovered an example of exactly the sort thing Google needs to explain.

We are more than a little critical of Google. Inside Google’s blog is authored by experienced consumer advocates and journalists working to expose the “black box” at Google with an eye towards holding Google engineers accountable to social mores, ethical customs and the rule of law.

So today, I entered the name of the site, "Inside Google" into the Internet giant’s highly vaunted search engine. Nothing about our site was on the first three pages. It was number eight on the fourth page of listings. Most consumers don’t go much beyond the first page of results.

Then I tried As you can see from the screen shot below, Inside Google was the second listing returned.

How about those secret Google algorithms, eh?

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