Californians: Urge Gov. Schwarzenegger to extend innovative Low-Cost Auto Insurance Program (UPDATE)

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UPDATE October 12, 2009.  As the LA Times reports, and defying logic, Governor Schwarzenegger has vetoed the bill to extend California’s Low-Cost Auto Insurance program through 2015.  Read more about the veto here.


If you live in California, please contact Governor Schwarzenegger and urge him to sign AB 725 (Jones), which would extend California’s Low-Cost Automobile Insurance Program through 2015.  

Several years ago, California enacted the nation’s first self-sustaining Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program for good drivers with limited incomes.  During the past decade nearly 50,000 low-income Californians have purchased a basic auto insurance policy for about $350 per year, without any cost to taxpayers or other drivers.  Between 80% and 95% of those drivers were uninsured before they bought the "Low-Cost" policy.  In the past 3 years alone more than $8 million in claims for more than 3,000 accidents were covered that would have been uninsured accidents were it not for this program.  The program is set to expire at the end of next year.

AB 725, authored by Assemblyman Dave Jones, would extend the life of this vital program – made even more important by the economic crisis -through the end of 2015.  The bill is on Governor Schwarzenegger’s desk awaiting his signature or veto.  Please encourage him to sign this important bill, which doesn’t cost the state a dime. You can contact the Governor through his website or by calling 916-445-2841.

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