Arnold’s Own Rx Express

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Arnold’s $350,000 trip to the
GOP convention in New York is being paid for in part by the
pharmaceutical industry, including Abbot Labs, Amgen and Pfizer.

Yesterday, a group of 20 seniors from California who can’t afford their
prescription drugs arrived in Vancouver, Canada on a chartered train
dubbed the Rx Express. There the Californians purchased their
medications with an average 58% savings compared to American prices.
That’s about $2,000 in savings per year for each patient. The seniors
are advocating that all Californians have access to bulk discounts for
their prescription drugs like Canadians do.

But Arnold has a different idea.

A bevy of bills is now headed for Arnold’s desk that will allow
re-importation of medications from Canada and access to bulk purchasing
pools for prescription drugs. Arnold has signaled his intent to veto
those bills, having pocketed $342,000 in pharmaceutical company
campaign contributions in addition to the drug company cash that has
paid for Arnold’s own Rx Express to New York.

While Arnold gives his "American Dream Speech" at the Republican
convention next week, California seniors will only be able to dream of
affordable prescription drugs in America.

Click here to learn more about the Rx Express, which has been organized by the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.

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