Arnold Jeered, Air Arnold Grounded at Commencement

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While Arnold gave his
commencement speech to Santa Monica College students tonight, the Gov.
faced "relentless protest" from students and teachers, according to LA
reporter Warren Olney. The protest included a group of faculty members
on stage who turned their backs on Arnold during the speech and
constant booing from students throughout his remarks. At the same time,
Air Arnold – a plane pulling a banner with the message: "Real Governors
Don’t Steal From Students" – was forced to fly above the clouds, hiding
the message to Arnold in apparent violation of federal aviation law,
and forcing the pilot to bring the plane down.

A Santa Monica College student attended the graduation in a
chicken suit to make the point that Arnold was too chicken to face
criticism from students, after the school banned them from wearing pins
and t-shirts of protest or displaying posters. Even though Arnold got
the school to ban any signs of dissent (even those flown above the
graduation!), he couldn’t silence the voices of students and teachers,
who don’t like what they’ve been hearing.

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