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In less than one week, Arnold
has managed to renounce every vow he’s taken to the people of
California to keep big money and big policy separate in the Governor’s

Here’s the lowdown on the super pay for the leading man’s latest roles:

"Environmental Terminator"

Plot: Arnold vs. The American Lung Association, Sierra Club, Consumers Union, AARP and the California Nurses Association.

Schwarzenegger received $2.4 million from the backers of Prop 64, which
limits enforcement of laws protecting the environment, public health
and consumers.

Producers: 55 corporate donors Arnold shares with the initiative
including Safeway, Bank of America, Pacificare, Blue Cross of
California, Citigroup, Pfizer, Kaiser, and Exxon Mobil.

"Rx Commando"

Plot: Arnold vs. America’s patients.

Arnold appears to have received more money from the pharmaceutical
industry than any other politician in America except George W. Bush —
$337,200 during the past year. The Gov is expected to veto four bills
(AB 1957, AB 1958, SB 1144, SB 1349) that make prescription drugs more
affordable by allowing drug importation and bulk purchasing. A survey
announced this week found that 34% of Americans have already, or plan
to purchase lower cost prescriptions from Canada and other nations.

Producers: Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol-Myers Squibb et. al.

"Predator III"

Plot: Arnold seeks to sell California again on Enron’s theology that
deregulation is the only way to guarantee reliable energy to
California, all the while not revealing details of his 2001 meeting
with Ken Lay at the height of California’s electricity crisis.

Schwarzenegger has received six figures from state energy companies and
big business and signaled this week that he intends to veto an
electricity re-regulation plan (AB 2006) that would help to inoculate
the state against a reoccurrence of the energy crisis brought on by
energy company market-gaming.

Producers: Calpine, Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group et. al.

"No Recall"

Plot: Does the public believe Arnold has no recall of the money he takes in?

Press secretary Margita Thompson says: "The governor has no idea who
gives to him or when they give to him." Sound like a re-make of Ronald
Reagan’s role in Iran-Contra?

Arnold has been taking heat from the news media for raising big money
from big business contributors awaiting his signature on big policy
decisions. Schwarzenegger has collected more than $350,000 since the
beginning of September and more than $600,000 in the past four weeks,
according to the San Jose Mercury News, which points to serious
conflicts of interest with contributors awaiting Arnold’s signature or
veto of bills.

Producers: Chevron Texaco, California Dental Association et. al.

With so many big business giveaways this week, what will Arnold do next
week to continue to bring in the corporate cash? Maybe he’ll
incorporate the governor’s office.

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